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Training and Development Manager


As a Business Development, Education, Hospitality and Retail Operations Management professional, I possess the expertise and experience necessary to excel in Store or Field Operations. My dedication and commitment to always maximizing opportunities has led to the achievement of exceptional results in the identification, strategic planning, training and development and implementation of successful strategies for business, via multi unit sales generation, change management and operational and performance improvement processes. These, coupled with my education and classroom experience have prepared me well to impart the skills and knowledge I possess to other eager minds ready to maximize their own potential. 


I have worked in the classroom, with food, in apparel, hard-lines, and cosmetics, in department store settings, in hospitality, and in independent companies. This experience equips me with an in-depth understanding of various commodities, departments, positions and requirements necessary to be successful. Bolstered by a degree in Mathematics and Graduate work in Gifted Education and Measurement and Research, I am particularly adept at data analysis, and using and teaching these skills to improve operations and sales generation and overall operational efficiency. I am no stranger to tight deadlines, simultaneous projects or long work hours. Over the past 15 years I have been successful in attracting, selecting and training and developing great talent which afforded me the luxury of enjoying many successes. I have also honed my organizational skills, operations strategy and process improvement prowess, client relationship building and management, employee training, development and coaching retail logistics, and effective communication skills. My classroom experience allowed me the ability to fine tune my prioritization of short and long term objectives and served to strengthen my in-store management experience which in turn informed my field operational and business development strategies. I know how to connect to the customer; I know how to teach the skills necessary for others to recognize the importance of this; I know the importance of brand awareness and how to teach and lead others to promote it; most importantly, I know what it takes to deliver results across all project phases.


Customer Service and the accompanying experience is a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry. I pride myself with staying abreast of trends and industry changes that may impact brand development. I am innovative and flexible, with demonstrable skills in Sales, business turnaround, knowledge management, communication and building strong interpersonal relationships. I have enjoyed great people successes through setting clear expectations, creating and executing effective action plans and following through with support, feedback and post assessment. People essentially work for people, and asserting oneself as a true leader is essential to success. I have consistently looked for better and more ways to inspire others to excellence. I am a certified John Maxwell Leadership and Sales Coach and Mentor and will use my expertise to continue to teach others through example, mentoring, coaching and training how to maximize themselves in their roles and how to be a person of influence who adds value and how to identify and develop themselves and others for other roles.


 Thank you kindly for reviewing my profile. I look forward to hearing from you.


Respectfully Submitted,


Indihra Chambers



Indihra Chambers | (813)842.9680 | 
















With over 20 years of experience in retail operations management, business development, team recruitment and development and outstanding customer service, my goal is to continue my exemplary track record of consistently exceeding company expectations and team performance alongside continued professional growth.




Summary of Qualifications




Retail Operations Manager with extensive experience in brand development, customer relations and experience, team recruitment and on boarding, team building, retention and succession planning; profit and loss management.


Adept at Visual Merchandise planning, business development, client relationship building and management, promotion strategy and execution.


Experienced in Field Operations with strong project and account management.


Proficient at combining strategic planning and sales forecasting to maximize profitability and productivity.


Ability to effectively employ analysis to identify and assess needs, develop and execute strategies to resolve educational, logistical and operational challenges.


Strong communicator with dynamic interpersonal and relationship building skills.






Manager, Training and Development, Operations and Catering (multi unit)


The Jerk Hut                                              Tampa Fl                                             September 2016-present


*Identification and assessment of current and future training needs.


*Job analysis, realignment of core expectations for each job position.


*Design and delivery of new training programs or modification of existing programs to align with new/improved core expectations.


*Design of all performance assessment and feedback material.


*Development of employee acknowledgement and reward program.


*Designs and drives the execution and implementation of training models for sales and marketing strategy.


*Designs and delivers “breakfast and learn” seminars for managers and supervisors.


*Plans and delegates appropriate responsibilities by training and coaching managers and supervisors and others involved in employee development, to ensure smooth execution of training new employees and re-training existing staff.


*Manages and monitors staffing levels to ensure efficient recruiting, on boarding and employee development, and succession planning and bench talent.


*Continuously monitors performance to identify gaps and uses this assessment to create individualized training to bridge the gaps.


*Trains all management on methods of performance assessment, having difficult conversations, documentation and record keeping with regard to performance, and determination of ‘next step’.


*Conducts ongoing training and development with all staff with a focus on identifying strengths and developing stretch assignments.


*Weekly and mid-week touch base with managers to discuss payroll expenditure, sales KPI’s and any other responsibilities in their respective portfolio.










High Volume Store Manager


Starbucks                                         Chapters on the Queensway                                 March2015-September 2016


*Leads the effort to establish and maintain meaningful and lasting interactions and relationships with customers.


*Leads a team of partners to create a store environment that exudes excellence for Starbucks customers and partners.


*Drives the implementation and execution of company directed initiatives, visual standards and marketing strategy


*Plans and delegates appropriate responsibilities to ensure smooth store operation.


*Manages and monitors staffing levels to ensure efficient recruiting, on boarding and partner development, and succession planning.


*Leads recruitment via Mall Job Fairs, University Job Fairs/Boards , Group interviews, Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip, Workopolis


*Ensures that solicited customer feedback is utilized in a way that benefits the overall store efficiencies.


*Communicates pertinent information daily to ensure that all store leadership is able to react effectively to positively impact the business.


*Monitors efficiency of Shift Supervisors, Assistant Managers, Barista Trainers and Baristas.


*Assesses need for retraining and added responsibility for all partners.


*Continuously seeks opportunities to develop all partners.


*Develops Weekly Sales and Labor forecasts.


*Trains Shift Supervisors and Assistant Managers to read P&L reports so as to be able to fully understand Business Impact of driving KPI performance.


*Assists Leadership Team in creating action plans for shifts and managing and reacting to the business by segment analysis.


*Consistent and effective performance management, succession planning and continuous Barista, Shift Supervisor and Assistant Manager coaching and development.


*Consistent formal and informal coaching and mentoring of leadership team and baristas.




Store Manager                                   Express (Sherway Gardens Mall)                       Jan 2014- Feb 2015




*Responsible or all day to day operations and building Talent, Capability and Brand.


*Responsible for the development and succession planning of leadership team.


*Led recruitment, on boarding, and in service training of two high volume stores in the area.


*Led the process management during a major talent restructure and realignment of company expectations. 


*Improved KPI performance consistently, achieving an overall Customer Experience score in the month of November 2014 that was 35% better than the company and 24% better than the next best store. Ended FY14 as #1 in the country for Customer Experience.


*Improved overall awareness and execution of LP policies and processes in order to impact inventory results positively, becoming the lowest shrink store in the country within one calendar year.


*Collaborated with Brand Manager on all Visual Merchandising whether HO or Store generated.


*Ensured that there was SOP compliance within District.


*Significantly improved audit compliance in the District by identifying areas of opportunity and “rolling out”


changes in the District.


* Best shrink results overall in FY14 with a variance of ~3% between best and worst stores.


*Successfully balanced payroll expenditure in the busiest seasons.


*Successfully recruited, trained and retained high performing members to the team.


*Consistent and effective performance management, succession planning and continuous employee coaching and development.


*Consistent formal and informal coaching and mentoring of leadership team and associates to success.


*Maintained a positive work environment and built team morale, ultimately increasing sales success.


*Participated in New Store Openings, setup, Soft and Grand Opening


*District LP lead


*Area Inventory leader


 At the end of FY14 at the Canadian DBM, Sherway Gardens (#2212) earned Best in Class for FY14 for:


*FY14 Growth to LY results in Overall Experience+31.1%


*FY14 Growth to LY results for Sharing Promos +12.9%


*FY14 Q4 Growth to LY for A.I.S.P.A.H +$55.75


*FY14 Growth to LY results for Offer Assistance +7.2%


*FY14 Best in Country Overall Experience




General Manager Triple Concept Store     Laura Canada (Yorkdale Mall)                Sept 2012- Sept 2013




*Led a team of managers to success in the highest volume door of the company. This was a 3-in-1 store in one of Canada’s premier malls.


*In the first ten weeks of my tenure, led the team to recover 10% of the store’s deficit from the current fiscal year.


*Exceeded inventory target results from the previous year by (+.5%).


*Successfully balanced wage costs in the face of challenging retail conditions.


*Successfully recruited and trained high performing members to the team via Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip, Workopolis.


*Consistent and effective performance management and continuous employee development.


*Consistently promoted and supported Laura Canada’s brand development and marketing initiatives.


*Maintained a positive work environment and built team morale, ultimately increasing sales success.




Business Development Executive, Canada Too Faced (Sephora & Independent Boutiques)Jan 2012- Sept 2012




*Managed the Too Faced brand inside all 43 Sephora doors and 11 independent boutiques across Canada.


*Created call schedules and support relationship with Store Directors prior to the establishment of the education


lead Role. 


*Increased independent boutique revenue by 300% within a four month timeframe.


*Increased the number of independent doors by four in five months.


*Established a strong relationship between the Sephora FSC and Too Faced Cosmetics.


*Maintained dialogue between the FSC( buyers, allocators, marketing and merchandising) to assure best positioning


*Facilitated or Spearheaded education and training of all Sephora cast members in the country.


*Facilitated all New Store Opening trainings.


*Delivered consistent and timely progress reports, budgets and other documentation to Store Directors, Specialists


and Education leads.


*Tracked a calendar of requests, maintained efficient output and monitored deadlines.




Customer Experience Manager                        Indigo Books and Music (Bay/Bloor)                                2010- 2012




*Responsible for Cash Operations, Kids/Toy Department, Special Events and Consignment.


*Recruited, trained and developed all Customer experience representatives for Cash Operations, and Kids/Toy Department via Taleo.


*Led the development and implementation of the company’s annual business plan for Kids/Toy.


*Ensured strict adherence to loss prevention policies and full staff compliance.


*Responsible for the coordination and execution of book signings, launches and brand promotion events.


*Coordinated and Managed crowd control and Green Room activities for Special and High Profile Events.


* Responsible for sourcing and selecting books and music to carry on a consignment basis.


* Responsible for planning and executing events to support local authors and artists.


*Created and managed contracts for consignment items.


*Oversaw the expansion of the Toy Department to include a full toy store and play area.


*Responsible for the performance management and succession planning for all employees assigned to cash operations and/or the Kids/Toy department.


*Received multiple awards from CEO for recognition of Excellence in Customer Service.




Store Manager                                     Esprit Canada        (Toronto, Canada)                           Sept 2009- 2010




*Carried out sales floor management duties including performance coaching and development and training and identifying areas for sales improvement.  


*Excelled in the area of customer relations including conflict mediation and resolving customer complaints. 


*Responsible for business reporting responsibilities including executing payroll and completing weekly production summaries. 


*Oversaw cash operations and employee cash register and customer loyalty enrollment training.  


*Participated in employee recruitment and selection.




Prestige Manager                                                Ulta Inc. (Florida, U.S.A)                               2007- 2009 


*Spearheaded the development of a new store operations model that was fully implemented in less than a year. *Significantly impacted team performance thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of store operations.


*Maintained a liaison between store and vendor companies.


*Conducted regular brand training as well as on-going training and coaching of associates.


*Initiated, organized and implemented event strategy to build brand awareness and inform on industry trends. *Regularly conducted performance management to encourage employee growth and professional development.


Vendor/Merchandiser/Promotional Coordinator (Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy)                          2000-2006 


*Ensured all staff had been trained on each brand before entering the marketplace.


*Assessed and evaluated item performance providing additional product knowledge training where necessary to improve sell-thru.


*Collaborated with store management to ensure that inventory orders were reflective of sell-thru trend needs.


*Spearheaded all company initiated planogram directive changes.


Mathematics and Physics Instructor                                Upward Bound (Florida, U.S.A)                        2001- 2009 


*Provided Mathematics and Physics instructions to high school students from low-income and underprivileged families.


*Prepared Math and Physics curriculum based on the State Standards for students at remedial, regular education and gifted education levels in 10, 11 and 12 Grade.


*Assessed each students abilities and created individualized work packets to provide either remedial or enrichment exercises. 


*Mentored and Chaperoned on yearly college tours




Cosmetics Counter Manager                                             Dillard’s Inc. (Florida, U.S.A)                              1997- 2000  


*Maintained liaison between store and cosmetic companies’ account executives.


*Recruited, Trained and developed all cosmetic counter employees including implementing a succession plan.


*Planned and executed promotional events and marketing initiatives for expansion of customer base.


*Executed periodic reviews of key performance indicators for cosmetics employees.


*Controlled wage expenditure and ensured that stock was monitored effectively.






1996                                        BSc. In Mathematics                                 Mississippi University for Women           


2001-2004     Graduate work: Gifted Education, Measurement and Research    University of South Florida  






July 2013- Present                             Event Volunteer                                Literature for Life


1995- Present                                    Member-at-Large                             Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.


2008- Present                                    Champion                                            Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Champion


2017- Present                                                      John C Maxwell Coaching, Teaching and Speaking Team             






Available on request




Indihra Chambers| (813)842-9680 |






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