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Alcon Labs - Community Involvement

Alcon  Labs - Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Alcon supports the communities in which it operates in a number of ways – supplying emergency products and services where needed, supporting associate volunteerism and making charitable contributions to local programs and functions.

Marathon Winners in Sight

More than 200 South Africans regained their eyesight as a result of Alcon's support of the "Fight-4-Sight" campaign – a 24-hour marathon during which 10 ophthalmologists worked in shifts to perform free cataract operations for those who could not afford the surgery. By donating intraocular lenses, ophthalmic knives, consumables and other equipment, Alcon helped to make an impact in an area where cataracts are the leading cause of blindness. 

Seeing Is Believing

A blind individual now regularly enjoys riding a mountain bike along backwoods trails because of the efforts of associates at the Alcon Irvine Technology Center and blind visionary Daniel Kish of World Access for the Blind. The first ever SoundFlash, an echolocation device that utilizes ultrasonic sonar technologies to aid in non-visual spatial perception and control of movement, allows the blind user to "see." The device is currently in use in various countries around the world.