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Alcon - Corporate Giving

Alcon - Corporate Giving

At Alcon, we believe in giving back to the global community by helping those in need of eye care wherever they live. To that end, through Alcon Humanitarian Services, we make it our mission to assist those who cannot afford quality eye care or do not have access to services and products that save and restore eyesight. Through support of volunteer eye care professionals who provide essential care, Alcon ensures that those in need of our help receive it.

Medical Missions The cornerstone of our Corporate Giving, Alcon Medical Missions helps to improve and enhance eye health in countries where it is desperately needed. Alcon is proud to support global eye care professionals qualified to deliver sight-saving surgeries, who also train local physicians in developing countries during their missions so they may provide a higher standard of care to their patients.

U.S. Patient, Clinic & Institutional Assistance Whether it's a patient, clinic or medical institution in need of Alcon products, we can often help. Those seeking eye care products for individuals with financial need can contact Alcon.

The Alcon Foundation The Alcon Foundation, Inc. provides cash contributions to organizations in the fields of eye care, research, education, public awareness and civic and community leadership programs in the U.S.

Independent Medical Education Support Alcon supports independent medical education initiatives that promote scientific knowledge, medical advancement and the delivery of effective healthcare which serves to support the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals.

Partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations Through our extraordinary relationships with charitable organizations, Alcon gives back to the global community by helping those who need sight-saving eye care across the globe.

Grant Assistance Alcon provides support to a number of organizations that align with our mission. Find out if Alcon can help you. Disaster Relief No matter where in the world disaster strikes, Alcon stands ready to help. Through long-term relationships with major relief organizations, Alcon provides products to aid people affected by natural or man-made disasters. Contact Corporate Giving From serving a single patient with a chronic eye disease to providing eye care products to thousands of the less fortunate around the world, Alcon is ready to offer assistance.