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Convergys Can Do - Funny for Money

Convergys Can Do - Funny for Money

Convergys Employees CAN Do Something Funny for Money 

June 14, 2011

Employees in Newcastle, United Kingdom participate in Comic Relief Telethon on Red Nose Day 2011.

On the United Kingdom’s Red Nose Day, all throughout the country, people “do something funny for money” to raise the funds for Comic Relief, a national charity that  helps change countless lives across the country.

This March 18, hundreds of employees in Newcastle helped the cause by participating in a day full of hilarious site activities which culminated in their support of Comic Relief’s bi-annual telethon during which employees took calls for pledges totaling more than $143,000 (100,000£) in donations! This money, when added to more than $1,400 (1,000£) in employee donation throughout the day made the day a success by any measure.

This March, our teammates in the Newcastle, United Kingdom participated in Red Nose Day 2011, a day organized by Comic Relief to help raise the funds needed to drive positive change in the lives of so many.

Throughout the day, more than 600 employees at the site got to wear something funny for money, enjoy fun face painting, get cleaned up in an on-site hair studio and nail salon, and so much more before staffing the phones during the main event, a telethon broadcast on the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) and featured some of the biggest names in comedy and entertainment.