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Nucor - California Coastal Cleanup

Nucor - California Coastal Cleanup

The 25th Anniversary California Coastal Cleanup Verco Decking, Inc took part in the 25th Anniversary California Coastal Cleanup. In 2008, The Antioch team members collaborated with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to clean the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge; this is home to at least three known endangered species, and the only place in the world they exist – Lange’s Metalmark Butterfly, Antioch Dunes Evening Primrose, and the Contra Costa Wallflower.

Late last fall and in early spring the Verco team members planted 1500+ Naked Stem Buckwheat plants. This is the very plant the butterfly must have to survive the young stages of life; it is their only food source. It was encouraging during this year’s cleanup to see the tremendous growth in most of the areas planted. It was nice to see the results of last year’s cleanup during this year’s cleanup.

The team removed several tons of trash last year from the first half of shoreline, and this year there was very little trash to remove. The team was able to clean the portions we did not get to last year and a separate 14-acre site.