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Disney Workplaces - Diversity

Disney Workplaces -  Diversity

The Walt Disney Company’s values focus on the human element of our business — not only our guests, consumers and audiences, but also our employees and cast and crew members. Disney is committed to fostering safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces in all our locations, across the globe.

We value the fact that our heritage and reputation means we are held to the highest standard of quality, ethics and social responsibility. For many employees, that is the reason they chose The Walt Disney Company as an employer. And for Disney, it is how we strive to treat our cast members and employees

Having a diverse workforce is critical to our business. When our employees reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, it enhances the quality of our entertainment and experiences. Encouraging a broad range of opinions, ideas and perspectives helps us drive creativity and innovation across the company.

We're building a workforce representative of the global marketplace in which we operate, while fostering an inclusive environment for our employees and their families. Although we still have plenty of progress to make, we are proud that our Company continues to focus on this area.