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Lexia Learning Systems - Success Stories

Lexia Learning Systems - Success Stories

Bridgeport Public Schools – Bridgeport, CT

Focused on reducing the number of retentions due to slow academic and social-emotional development, Bridgeport implemented Lexia as a Tier II and Tier III RTI solution. As a result, those students perceived as having behavior problems as well as students on the cusp the learning-disabled designation are able to demonstrate growth using Lexia’s computer-assisted instruction and practice as a tier III intervention

Cabrillo Unified Schools – Half Moon Bay, CA

Given the varied needs in the District, one of the key challenges facing Cabrillo Unified is the achievement gap between the native English speakers and ELL students. Cabrillo’s Dr. Michael Bachicha and his team sought a technology-based program that would give equal access and support to all students.