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RWJMS - Healthier New Brunswick 2010

RWJMS - Healthier New Brunswick 2010

For over twenty five years, New Brunswick , NJ has been undergoing a physical, economic and social transformation lead by New Brunswick Tomorrow and Devco. However, despite the great physical, economic and social progress of New Brunswick ’s revival, many residents still suffer from unacceptably high rates of disease, disability and death and many lack access to comprehensive health care.

For New Brunswick to achieve full revitalization, the health care needs of the community must be met. The mission of Healthier New Brunswick 2010 is to build a healthier community to insure the health of our children and generations beyond. This mission will be achieved through the implementation of a longitudinal community based initiative.

Healthier New Brunswick 2010 will serve as a catalyst for building upon existing health resources, fostering collaboration and offering new approaches.

Components of the Healthier New Brunswick 2010 initiative include a community health assessment, community capacity building activities and core projects aimed at addressing childhood obesity, lead poisoning in children, mental health and substance abuse, and domestic violence. The community health assessment will provide data to assist in identifying the most acute need so of the community and to measure the success of the initiative in addressing those needs.