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Individual Job Posts

Phantom Traffic

Beware of bogus candidate traffic reporting.

13 to 40 percent, mostly likely  more, of reported candidate traffic (clicks / views) are actually not candidates at all.


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Non-Profit $
Standard $
$ 160
$ 180
30 days

Hire  Diversity - Nurses,Faculty,Engineers,IT  Professionals

Sales,Marketing,Financial Services Consultants,Administrators,

Technicians,Analysts,Researchers,Designers,Project Mgrs,

Manufacturing & Logistics Executives


$6. per posting / per day/ all inclusive


Individual 30 Day Diversity Job Posting -   


Posting format designed to attract and impress qualified candidates

Eliminates wasted effort spent reviewing unqualified candidates 


You Post  (or We Post ) unlimited text / html job content

Modify active postings online in real time whenever you wish.


Post detailed information explaining how to apply for position

Include special comments such as "no agencies & no calls, please"


Our #1 position on Google draws best S.T.E.M candidates

Thousands of diverse job seekers trust's 15 years of service


Your posting is never buried somewhere among zillions of other postings

Your job is guaranteed to appear among first 20 search results


Your job is secure – protected from unauthorized “redistribution hacking”

Fraudulent “diversity” theme career boards earn money redistributing jobs


A “free” full page account profile is provided to promote diversity outreach

After your posting expires your webpage continues to recruit


Your posting template allows for unlimited use of custom search words.

Not all candidates search using identical terms – some use “insider” words


Your job is always highly visible on day 1, on day 15 and on day 30

Jobs on do not vanish as they age as is often the case


Every  job can be viewed,printed,saved and  shared on social media

Everyone knows family,a friend or neighbor "in search" of  a new career




                test / active /                     

$ 260
$ 280
60+ days

Attract hard to source diversity candidates with 60 day plus  postings

ideal for recruiting candidates with advanced degrees and / or multiple years of experience.


Open Until Filled postings provide:

1: Quaranteed continuous diversity recruitment outreach 

  Job(s) displayed 24/7 until the job is filled. Period.


2. Your jobs appear  on page # 1 of  search results

 Highly visible on the first day,on day 29 & on day 59


3: Diversity staff will assist in managing all aspects of your account.

Diversity will post, update, and  re-post your jobs at no additional cost.


4. Each  job is actively advertised on Google,Yahoo,Bing & social websites appears on 1st page on search engines - Only 1 click away


5: Custom website banners promoting diversity work culture are included

Your logo,images,policies,events,awards are shown to candidates


6. Unlimited free resume search for all recruiters in your enterprise.

 Resumes are kept current - none older than 6 months


7: EEO documentation provided to support Affirmative Action Programs

PDF copies of jobs provide documentation of company's  outreach efforts.


$5. per posting / per day / all inclusive



$ 30
$ 30
30 days

Hire Differently - Try Chumming ...

Chumming is a technique used by sports fisherman to attract and ultimately capture the best game fish in the ocean.


We recommend using this technique to attract hard to source diverse professionals,faculty,staff & management


How much does it cost to chum?


Pay $395 one -time annual setup fee for a full year subscription


Pay $30.monthly for Diversity to maintain your account consisting of two full webpages of career & work culture advertisement


Encourage passive candidates to apply when it's convenient for them - less than $1. per day


What are the benefits of chumming?


Eliminate posting jobs each month for the same type of candidate.   Save time & money.


Your company is outfoxing your competition for recruiting diverse men and women


Your company is using our exclusive technique for advertising your brand while recruiting diversity talent


You are advertising  all job opportunities by category instead of individually


No work is required. Diversity's staff creates,posts and maintains your webpages


other benefits include:

• Don't miss hiring engineers because your posting seeks finance talent
• A lot  less costly & more effective than participation at 1 - 2 day job fairs.
• Industry exclusive recruiting alternative for the "always looking employer"
• We create your posting  showing career opportunities
• Build a diversity candidate pipeline
• Save time / money / effort recruiting "hard to fill" openings
• All candidates apply online on your website
• Promote your organizations diversity recruitment brand
• Posting available to over 550 thousand candidates


Check out:


Children's Hospital of Atlanta


Advertise all of your jobs instead of one job at a time for less than a dollar a day !!


Call 706-835-1330 for details..

Individual Job

All pricing and service descriptions are subject to change without notice. All request to cancel must be in writing within 2 days of purchase. All quotes expire after 10 days.
Non-profit pricing is applicable to all organizations with 501 C status such as Edu, Gov & Org entities.
All credit cards are accepted and processed using services. PayPal payment is also accepted. Purchase receipts are sent to the purchaser’s email immediately after processing.

Individual Job

Posting jobs on is easy to do. Jobs posted directly from within your account are published immediately. Employers are welcome to use -POST A JOB-. Our staff will post your jobs at no additional cost.

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