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Individual Job Posts

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Non-Profit $
Standard $
$ 160
$ 180
30 days

Hire  Diversity -  Professional  recruiting for $6. day


Individual 30 Day Diversity Job Posting -   


Posting format designed to attract and impress candidates


• Post unlimited text / html job content
• Job displayed immediately locally  & nationwide
• Modify job content on line –at anytime /  in real time
• Swap jobs anytime during posting period
• Shared with Diversity & Inclusion  Partner Networks 
• Available to 550,000 job seekers daily.
• Applicants can apply via email or online or both.
• Show special instructions such as "No 3rd parties - No Phone calls"
• Unlimited free job seeker profile search

You post - We post - Same price


Individual Job
$ 260
$ 280
60 days

Executive search equivalent results  for less than $5. day


Sixty ( 60 Day )  Diversity Job Posting


Our most popular choice for "hard to fill " requisitions


The best choice for recruiting diverse men and women  professionals, managers and executives with 3 or more years of experience and / or advanced higher education degrees.


 Twice the hiring days than standard post

• Attract diverse nurses,engineers,architects,researchers,technicians,

sales representatives,professors,administrators,analysts,consultants,

IT experts and others  ....local or nationwide

• Promote  your organization's diversity brand 


You post - We post - Same price

Individual Job
$ 2,700
$ 2,700
360 days
Individual Job

Hire Diversity Open House Posting


Your Organization's  Online "Custom"  Hiring Program

Your cost .. Less than $8. per day for unlimited hiring of diverse professionals, managers and executives.


An Open House Posting includes:

• A single full webpage, developed by Diversity Staff, describing career opportunities at your organzation.

• Your information is displayed describing various job categories and / or work locations currently available

• Each job category described contains links to drive job seekers to that particular career webpage on your website.

• Premier advertisement placement on's website allows for maximum exposure to 550- 800 thousand job seekers

• A second full webpage, custom designed by Diversity's Staff, is created to promote your organization's workplace culture



Individual Job
Individual Job

All pricing and service descriptions are subject to change without notice. All request to cancel must be in writing within 2 days of purchase. All quotes expire after 10 days.
Discounts are available to 3rd. party agencies and non-profits groups such as .EDU,.GOV & .ORG entities. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Pay Pal and Google Checkout are accepted.

Individual Job

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