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You are cordially invited to join the largest - most prestigious diversity discussion group on -
                                                              Diversity A Word of Change -  formed  the group in 2008.   Worldwide membership exceeds 20,000 participants. Executives,professionals and others  personally engaged with issues of diversity and inclusion meet and engage in lively social,political and economic discussions..


Membership is free. Your application will be reviewed promptly. Click to  join. Click Here  

Non-Profit $
Standard $
$ 160
$ 180
30 days

Individual 30 Day Diversity Job Posting -   

One Job @ One Location

Unlimited recruting for $6. day

Posting format designed to attract and impress job seekers


• Post unlimited text / html job content
• Job displayed immediately locally  & nationwide
• Modify job content on line –at anytime /  in real time
• Swap jobs anytime during posting period
• Shared with Diversity & Inclusion  Partner Networks 
• Available to 550,000 job seekers daily.
• Applicants can apply via email or online or both.
• Show special instructions such as "No 3rd parties - No Phone calls"
• Unlimited free job seeker profile search

You post - We post - Same price


Individual Job
$ 270
$ 290
60 days
Individual Job

Individual 60 Day Diversity Job Posting
One Job @ One Location

Professional recruitment ad - less than $5.00 day

• Pay once – Post once –  Twice the job posting duration

• Post unlimited text / html job content

• Job displayed immediately locally & nationwide

• Shared with Partner Networks - Available to 550,000 job seekers

• Modify job content in real time – at any time

• Post detailed “how to apply” instructions

• Includes unlimited user access to job seeker data base

• Ideal recruitment strategy for attracting “S.T.E.M.” candidates

 You post - We post - Same price

Individual Job
$ 780
$ 880
180 days
Individual Job

Six month online Diversity Open House -

Post Multi - Job Categories

Enhance Your Diversity Recruiting  Brand
Be Always Attracting Qualified Candidates

Unlimited recruiting for less than $6.00 per day

Recruit non-stop  for 6 months / all day / every day

• Hire for multiple job types containing unlimited open positions

• A more practical and affordable alternative to off site  job fairs.

• Post once - Pay once - Modify any time

• Eliminates cost & energy to continuously post jobs  

• Helps building a pipeline of passive candidates

• Promotes your corporate diversity / inclusion brand

• Attracts passive  professionals / managers all year non-stop

Each "Open House" bulletin posting includes an employer profile.


Active Open House Program employers include :


Children's Healthcare of Atlanta  ,Univ. of Nevada School of Medicine ,


Stantec, Vocera  & Mettler - Toledo

Individual Job
Individual Job

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Individual Job

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