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25 04-21-2017  .State College  Pennsylvania  University Budget Officer   Penn State University
51 04-19-2017  University Park Campus  Pennsylvania  Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs   Penn State University
81 04-18-2017  Austin  Texas  Utilization Review Nurse   Texas Association of School Boards
127 04-13-2017  New York  NY  Vascular & Interventional Radiologist   Columbia University, Department of Radiology
120 04-12-2017  Columbus  Indiana  Assistant Librarian   Indiana University - Purdue University Columbus
196 04-07-2017  Brooklyn  New York  Anxieties of Democracy Program Director   Social Science Research Council
190 04-06-2017  Riverside  California  Nursing Instructor - Certified Nursing Assistant Program (RCC)   Riverside Community College District
188 04-06-2017  Riverside  California  Assistant Professor, Art (Riverside City College)   Riverside Community College District
139 04-06-2017  Burton & Twinsburg  Ohio  Dean and Chief Administrative Officer   Kent State University
180 04-05-2017  Martin  Tennessee  Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics   University of Tennessee - Martin
237 03-31-2017  Santa Cruz  California  Director SEMILLA Project   University of California - Santa Cruz
233 03-30-2017  University Park Campus  PA  Student Advocacy Manager (Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program Director, Grant Funded Student Services)   Penn State University
244 03-30-2017  Pittsburgh  PA  Vice President of Strategic Partnerships   Chatham University
238 03-29-2017  Iowa City  Iowa  Academic Pediatric / Surgical Pathologist   University of Iowa Health Care
241 03-29-2017  Charlottesville  Virginia  Enterprise Assistant Vice President, HR Talent   University of Virginia
244 03-28-2017  Sacramento  Calfifornia  General Accounting Supervisor   UC Davis Health System
340 03-28-2017  Sacramento  Calfifornia  LCSW ( Licensed Clinical Social Worker) Supervisor   UC Davis Health System
276 03-25-2017  Sacramento  California  Per Diem Licensed Clinical Social Worker   University of California - San Diego
328 03-21-2017  Greeley  Colorado  Assistant Dean and Director, Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute   University of Northern Colorado
414 03-17-2017  Richmond  Virginia  ADVENTURE LEADERSHIP AND TEAMBUILDING COORDINATOR   Virginia Commonwealth University
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