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Diversity Job Posting & Branding Features

Diversity Job Posting  & Employer Branding Features - All Inclusive Pricing


For nearly 18 years, has provided employers a highly respected source, easly to use method, to post career openings. attracts well educated, highly experienced diverse men and women.

We cater to all categories of diverse talent seeking careers in faculty,professional,managerial and executive roles.


• staff will post your jobs and send a confirmation when done

Simply submit our posting form then call 706-835-1330 with payment for posting


Job postings shared with all search engines and major social networks

Never shared with job sites with questionable ethics / not to be trusted reputations


Swap job with another job anytime prior to expiration

Provides maximum opportunity to advertise open positons.


Posting format designed to attract and impress qualified candidates

Eliminates wasted effort spent reviewing unqualified candidates 


Your job is always highly visible on day 1, on day 15 ,on day 30 and on day 60

Your postings on do not vanish as they age as is the industry norm.


Every job can be viewed,printed,saved and shared on social media networks

• Candidates can share postings with colleagues in search of new careers


Choose 60 day  postings - Best solution for "difficult to fill" job postings - Best Option

• Attract passive candidates with advanced degrees and/or 5 years of experience


Unlimited free candidate resume search available to all company recruiters

• View detailed  resumes posted by qualified candidates - All updated within past 6 months


EEO Compliance documentation provided for each posted job

• Meet federal non-discrimination in hiring with detained recruiting documentation


Document your diversity recruitment outreach and EEO afforts

• Save pdf copies of postings and branding webpage for your records


Diversity's easy to use posting form allows for adding unlimited job search words.

• Most career boards restrict keyword search to match job titles 

• Candidates search using words familiar to them.


Postings ( often called "slots" ) are reusable

• Swap jobs anytime before posting's schedule expiration - .


Post unlimited text / html job content

• Modify active postings online in real time anytime you wish.

• Diversity quality control staff audits posting to insure compliance with mobile devices


Post detailed information explaining how to apply for position

• Include special comments such as "no agencies & no calls, please"


Postings are never buried among zillions of other employer postings

• Your job is guaranteed to appear among first 20 search results


Each of your jobs bears your logo to insure quick identification

• Jobs are displayed on home page & other highly visible pages


Your job is secure – protected from “redistribution hacking”

Fraudulent “diversity theme" websites earn money redistributing  your postings


Our #1 position on Google draws best S.T.E.M candidates

• Candidates trust's 17+ years  of presenting quality career opportunities


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Diversity Job Package Exclusive Features


Unused job package posting  "Forever " credits never expire

• Use credits whenever you wish - this year or next year -whenever.


Buy any job package - Choose to post for 30,60 or Until Filled

• Post for 30 days or for 60 days ( default )


Workplace Branding Suite

A Brand is a promise of benefits you deliver to your employees,investors and customers

A hiring brand image refers to a set of positive beliefs and values identifying your organization's culture. provides employers,who purchase any job package, an exclusive full webpage branding profile .

Your profile is shared nationwide with all search engines and major social networks.A  $400 per month  value - free. will create and share with all search engines and social networks a custom media webpage describing the employers "About Us", work place culture and diversity recruitment outreach.


Passive candidates often visit 4-6 times monthly to view new profiles

• Diverse candidates place higher value of employers who advertise their inclusive workplace creates and distributes your account brand profile nationwide


Postings eventually expire but your branding profile continues to recruit passive candidates with links to employer's webpage and social networks.


Additional custom website banners promote your active job postings and community outreach program


The diversity branding suite costs $400. monthly if purchased independent of buying a job package -


Workplace Branding Suite is not included with individual job posting purchases.


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  • University of Virginia

    University of Virginia

    Welcome to Charlottesville, Virginia, home of the University of Virginia, one of the nation's first public universities. Charlottesville was rated by Money Magazine as the best place to live in the United States. ...

    City: Charlottesville

    State: Virginia

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  • University of Nevada,Las Vegas

    University of Nevada,Las Vegas

     In its 50-year history, UNLV has undergone an amazing transformation from a small branch college into a thriving urban research institution of 28,000 students and 3,300 faculty and staff. Along the way, the urban land-grant univ ...

    City: Las Vegas

    State: Nevada

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  • University of Massachusetts Amherst

    University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Something To Be Proud Of.For more than 140 years, the University of Massachusetts has provided high quality educational opportunities for Massachusetts residents and for students and faculty from all over the world. U ...

    City: Amherst

    State: Massachusetts

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  • University of Northern Colorado

    University of Northern Colorado

    With our rich history, dedicated faculty, active students and Division I athletic teams, we’re large enough to provide true university opportunities and small enough to treat students as individuals – it’s a place wh ...

    City: Greeley

    State: Colorado

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  • University of North Carolina Wilmington

    University of North Carolina Wilmington

    At the University of North Carolina Wilmington, passionate and engaged teaching, learning and research matter. UNCW is unique in its dedication to combining a small-college commitment to excellence in teaching with a research universi ...

    City: Wilmington

    State: NC

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  • UTC - United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)

    UTC - United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)

    United Technologies (UTC) is a diversified company that provides a broad range of high-technology products and services to the global aerospace and building systems industries. Our commercial businesses are Otis elevators and escalato ...

    City: Farmington

    State: Connecticut

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  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

    Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

    The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is a regional wholesaler that delivers water to 26 member public agencies – 14 cities, 11 municipal water districts, one county water authority – which in turn pr ...

    City: Los Angeles

    State: California

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  • UTC - United Technologies - Building & Industrial Systems

    UTC - United Technologies - Building & Industrial Systems

    United Technologies (UTC) is a diversified company that provides a broad range of high-technology products and services to the global aerospace and building systems industries. Our commercial businesses are Otis elevators and ...

    City: Farmington

    State: Connecticut

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  • University of Colorado Denver

    University of Colorado Denver

    With 13 schools and colleges and more than 132 degree programs, the University of Colorado Denver offers a hands-on, real-world education in a vibrant city in the heart of the energetic west.   ...

    City: Denver

    State: Colorado

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  • University of Pittsburgh

    University of Pittsburgh

    The University of Pittsburgh, commonly referred to as Pitt, is a state-related research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Founded as Pittsburgh ...

    City: Pittsburgh

    State: Pennsylvania

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  • University of California - Santa Cruz

    University of California - Santa Cruz

    The University of California, Santa Cruz, also known as UC Santa Cruz or UCSC, is a public, collegiate university; one of ten campuses in the University ...

    City: Santa Cruz

    State: California

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  • University of Richmond

    University of Richmond

    The University of Richmond provides a collaborative learning and research environment unlike any other in higher education, offering students an extraordinary combination of the liberal arts with law, business, leadership studies, and ...

    City: Richmond

    State: Virginia

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Friends of Diversity Profiles
  • Lamp Rynearson & Associates

     Lamp Rynearson & Associates

    Leaving a Legacy of Enduring Improvements to Our Community   We act as an extension of your firm as we have for over 55 years. Lamp, Rynearson & Associates, a civil engineering, ...

    City: Omaha

    State: Nebraska

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  • 3M Company

    3M Company

    3M Company (3M), incorporated on June 25, 1929, is a technology company. The Company is a manufacturer and marketer of a range of products and services. The Company operates through five segments: Industrial; Safety and Graphics; Heal ...



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  • Acorn to Oaks Foundation

    Acorn to Oaks Foundation

    Welcome to Garden Hills Elementary School, a dynamic learning environment with top-notch educators, an inspiring principal, and happy families. Students at GHES enjoy going to school each day in a beautiful, historic building where th ...

    City: Atlanta

    State: Georgia

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  • ADL ( Anti- Defamation League )

    ADL ( Anti- Defamation League )

    To stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all..     When Chicago attorney Sigmund Livingston founded ADL in 1913, he envisioned an America where ...

    City: New York City

    State: New York

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  • American Academy of Neurology

    American Academy of Neurology

    The American Academy of Neurology (AAN), established in 1948, is an international professional association of more than 30,000 neurologists and neuroscience professionals dedicated to providing the best possible care for patients with ...

    City: Minneapolis

    State: Minnesota

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  • Black Girls Code

    Black Girls Code

    About the Founder   When I was first introduced to computer programming, as a freshman in Electrical Engineering, Fortran and Pascal were the pop ...

    City: New York City

    State: New York

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  • Brandeis University

    Brandeis University

    Learn, engage, lead There is no other place like Brandeis. As a medium-sized private research university with global reach, we are dedicated to first-rate undergraduate education while making ground ...

    City: Waltham

    State: MA

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  • Brown University

    Brown University

    Located in historic Providence, Rhode Island and founded in 1764, Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the United States. Brown is an independent, coeducational Ivy League institution comprising undergraduate and graduate ...

    City: Providence

    State: Rhode Island

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  • Buncombe County - North Carolina

    Buncombe County - North Carolina

    Thank you for your interest in employment with the County of Buncombe. Buncombe County wants to find the best qualified people available to serve its citizens. Everyone who applies cannot be hired, but your application will be given e ...

    City: Asheville

    State: North Carolina

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  • Canine Companions for Independence

    Canine Companions for Independence

    Who We Are   Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence® is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance ...

    City: Santa Rosa

    State: California

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  • Carleton College

    Carleton College

    Founded in 1866, Carleton College is a small, private liberal arts college in the historic river town of Northfield, Minnesota. Best known for its academic excellence and warm, welcoming campus community, Carleton offers 32 majors in ...

    City: Northfield, MN 55057

    State: Minnesota

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  • Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

    Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

    If You Have Kids, Be Glad You Have Children's Regionally, nationally, and globally, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC is a leader in the tre ...

    City: Pittsburgh

    State: PA

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